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A petition asking Apple to port OSX to Intel hardware

Six months before the release of Mac OS X in 2001, some friends and I were excited about Apple’s new OS. Linux in a whiz-bang wrapper? Yes please! Being broke children we weren’t interested in the prospect of having to buy to Macs to run it.

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So in September of 2000, my friends Ray and Sean and I launched to collect petitions in that spirit. We ended up getting slashdotted, and a fair amount of press in the Apple and computing spheres.

We ended up collecting about 32,000 signatures over the course of a year. We had open comment boxes on the signature collections that garnerd exactly what you’d expect.

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As hazy as my memory of the time is, I don’t think we had an inkling that 5 or so years later Apple would announce that they were indeed going to be releasing OSX for their own Intel hardware. Not what we had in mind, but it did enable the whole hackintosh subculture and in a way, what we wanted came to pass.

It’s 2020 as I write this, and Apple’s likely about to announce that they’re going to discontinue their Intel computers for their own desktop silicon in the next few years. They had a good run.