Patrick McDavid

I'm a technology leader in Colorado speaking about serverless computing, team building, devops, and leadership development.

Personal Goal Sheet!

14 August 2019

I’ve been feeling a bit in-between lately. Maybe some goals would help?


  • Cultivate an adequate counterbalance of positivity about the future. Sometimes I get fatalistic about the next 40 years will be like on the biosphere and in the global economy. Being down about it a lot sucks. Not head in the sand; breathing now.
  • Get help. People keep praising therapy, and I harbor a defensive posture about it. Expensive? In moderation, maybe a good investment.
  • Play with programming again! I miss it a lot.


  • Two moments every day for health: yoga, hiking, strength. Keep that watch happy. Work on feeling good and not dying.

I lost 55 lbs in 2018, then gained it back.

  • Count calories every day. I legitemetly lost 55lbs in 2018, then in 6 months put most of it back on.
  • Hold my weight below 220lbs through 2020. For the kids, Patrick!


  • Make every day at the office feel like the Summer of 2013.
  • Help BombBomb buy a sick company by 2025.
  • Build a modest little SaaS hobby product.


  • Pay for my house & kids’ education with a stellar BombBomb performance
  • Have a lifetime savings plan together in 2019, get help here. We really wing this far more than we should.


  • Get on a mountain with my dad twice a year
  • Catch a fish with Leo, Read GHoGK w/ him
  • Wren to 11
  • Be excllent to Bri


  • Paint with Grammy a lot.


  • See TOOL this summer.

Public Service

  • Strengthen Ronald McDonald House relationship


  • Formally teach something!

Non-exhaustive. Got kinda thin at the end there.